April through May 2017
Spark Running Club promotes and encourages youth running as a competitive sport that drives youth to strive for bigger goals, guides them to be better people and develops them into stronger athletes.
Spark Running Club's vision is to "Ignite the Lives" of 6th-12th graders in their communities nationwide and to motivate and inspire youth to become productive adults who make a difference in the world. 
Run to Live
"I ran and ran everyday and I acquired a sense of determination that I would never, never give up no matter what else happens. The triumph cannot be had without the struggle." - Wilma Rudolph
  1. Ice Cream Run
    May 2015
    Ice Cream Run
  2. Glow Run
    July 2015
    Glow Run
  3. Underbridge Run
    June 2015
    Underbridge Run
  1. Candy Charge
    Nov 2015
    Candy Charge
  2. Turkey Trot 5K
    Nov 2015
    Turkey Trot 5K
  3. Spark Skyzone Holiday Party
    Dec 2015
    Spark Skyzone Holiday Party
What We Believe
The best way to predict the future is to create it. Set goals. Make a plan. Work hard. Be relentless in chasing your dreams. Your momentum creates the door upon which opportunity knocks and then you'll kick down the door! 
  1. Bigger Goals
    Dreaming Big requires planning & goal setting. As part of our process, we set S.M.A.R.T goals in health & happiness, school, family & friends, running, and fun.
  2. Better People
    At Spark, we work to improve ourselves every single day not just in running but in all aspects of our life based on our foundational principles that guide our actions.
  3. Stronger Athletes
    To become stronger, we focus on fun, speed, strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, nutrition, form, and mental toughness. What we do today makes us better tomorrow.

Core Values

S - SET GOALS: Create annual written goals in running, school, family, friends, experiences & fun, and health & happiness.

P - PERSEVERANCE: Persistence in achieving goals. Overcoming challenges. Being accountable. Always improving. Being better than yesterday.

A - ATTITUDE: Do your best. Think positive. Believe in yourself and your teammates. Be respectful. Use good manners. Have fun!

R - ROLE MODEL: Do the right think when no one is looking. Be on time. Be prepared. Good behavior. Good student. Contribute to your school and community.

K - KINDNESS: Having compassion, gratitude and empathy. Treating others the way they wish to be treated. 

Meet Our Coaches
At Spark, we believe in developing the whole person regardless of their running ability. We are much more than a running club. Our motto is "Igniting Your Life"- we strive to be that "spark" that jumpstarts hopes and dreams and creates an environment for achievement through goal setting, hard work, and persistence. Our focus is to create bigger goals, better people and stronger athletes based on our foundational principles
Head Coach Kathy Frank​​
With a MBA in business, Coach Frank has a full time career of over 20 years in medical sales and management. She lives in Hanover Township with her husband, Jud Frank (a long time coach in various sports at the youth, high school, and college levels and Math Department Chair at Liberty High School), and her sons, Casey (9th Grade) & Cole (8th Grade). For more than nine years, she served as an active volunteer in youth football and baseball. In 2014 and 2015, she was a volunteer Assistant Cross Country Coach at Nitschmann Middle School and became Head Coach in 2016. In 2017, she became President of the Liberty High School Cross Country and Track & Field Booster Club. Coach Frank has a passion for making a difference and wants to inspire youth to create a life they love while making a difference.

From middle school to high school and through college, Coach Frank ran indoor track, outdoor track, and cross country. During those years, her bread and butter was sprinting and middle distance racing. She competed in many events including: 100M, 200M, 400M, 800M, 4x100M Relay, 4x400M Relay, 4x800M Relay, High Jump, 100M Hurdles, 400M Hurdles, and Cross Country. Coach Frank experienced many up and downs in her own running career which helps her relate to the challenges faced by her youth runners.

Coach Frank’s accomplishments in running include: 
Middle School: Hershey National Track & Field Youth Program: 200M Dash Local Champion, District Runner Up, and 6th in the State. 800M Dash Local Champion, District Champion, and 3rd in the State. 
High School: 400M Dash Two Time Schuylkill League Champion, District 11 Champion, and State Finalist: 8th in the State.
College: Member of the Moravian College Hall of Fame and 3rd in the Nation 1993 Division III Cross Country Team. Member of the 1600M Relay Team who was two-time Middle Atlantic Conference Champions and Penn Relays Division III Champions. 
Jeanne Reilly, PMA®-CPT, Fletcher Pilates® Adjunct Faculty
Jeanne earned an MA in Psychology and spent 17 years in management, development, and coordination of training for business and non-profit sectors. A fitness advocate whose Achilles injury brought her to Pilates, Jeanne suffered pain and difficulty in moving that quickly responded to the Pilates work. As strength and endurance returned, she determined she would learn everything she could from the best teachers she could find, and become a Pilates teacher, herself.

Having completed the Fletcher Pilates Comprehensive Program in January 2010, and the Fletcher Pilates Advanced Intensive Course in March 2014, Jeanne is recognized as a Fletcher Pilates Professional Teacher. Upon successful completion of the Pilates Method Alliance exam in 2012, Jeanne received the Certified Pilates Teacher designation. In addition, Jeanne completed a course of study in 2013, at the Yamuna flagship studio in New York City, qualifying her as a Certified Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioner.

Pursuant to her studies, she opened her studio, Meant To Move, in Bethlehem, PA. Early education, and her career in psychology and training, provides a strong base upon which Jeanne's love for learning and teaching Pilates rests. She's thriving on it, and is able to communicate her joy in mindful movement to her clients
Assistant Coach Dave Weikert
Coach Weikert is an avid runner and skier who enjoys all things outdoors.  A Certified Financial Planner™ with Market Street Financial Advisors, LLC, he is part of a privately owned independent wealth management firm.

Coach Weikert volunteers as an Alpine Patroller with the National Ski Patrol and is a Pennsylvania Emergency Medical Technician. Coach Weikert also serves as Board Treasurer of Spark Running Club. He and his family reside in Bethlehem.
Assistant Coach Kate Reilly
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